Apple & Google = Peanut Butter & Jelly | 2:30-3:15
Be an Explorer with Google Geo Tools
BestPrep TIW
Chrome and Chromebooks for BestBrep
Chrome and Chromebooks TIES 13
Chrome and Google Apps in your Classroom
EdTech Moving A District
Face to Face Academy
Flipped Lesson
Formative Assessments using
Getting Started with YouTube & Your YouTube Channel
Google Apps I
Google Drive Add-ons to Take Home to Mom
Interactive Graphic Organizers - MN Google Summit
iPads in Secondary Classroom
Leverage Google Scripts as a classroom teacher
LJA Google Sites and more..
Maps! Maps! Maps!
Maps to Create, Explore...and Learn | 11:30-12:15
MASBO 2014 - Digital Communication
MASBO Conference - Productivity and Collaboration through Technology
Meraki: Free Mobile Device Manager for iOS, Android, Windows, OSx
#MWGS Be an explorer with Google's geo tools
#MWGS Google Drive Add-ons to take home to Mom
#MWGS Make and Take - Organizing Information using Graphic Organizers & Lucidchart
Pierz Gmail, Calendar, Docs
Slamdunk Gmail, Calendar, Docs
Student & Teacher Creation with Chromebooks and Google Apps - Face to Face Academy
SWWC Chrome Make the Internet Work for You | 10:30-11:15
TechXploration: Google Apps
#TIES13 Chrome & Chromebooks
#TIES13 Google Drive Add-ons to Take Back to School
#TIES13 Interactive Mapping Tools to Connect Content
TIES2012 Chrome: Make the Internet Work for You
TIES 2012 Maps You Can't Teach Without
Using Video in Your Classroom: Record and Share Student Learning
YouTube and other meaningful content #TIW2013
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