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Getting Started with YouTube & Your YouTube Channel

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YouTube Activities
  1. Create a YouTube Channel
  2. Filter for the videos you want
  3. Make a playlist
    • Find at least three videos that support or enhance content you are teaching this fall

Flip Classroom

TED-Ed: Flip YouTube Videos, add assessments, diff. 

Using YouTube to broadcast live or recorded sessions (Google Hangouts on Air)
  1. Tiger Pride News (4th Grade) 
  2. Cross-district (or cross world) connections 
  3. Virtual Parent Information Nights and more 

YouTube is a place to upload, edit, and share video.


Spice up your YouTube video

Student Created Content
  • What to use
    • iPad
    • Phone
    • Flip Camera
    • Web Cam
    • Digital Camera
  • Assessment
  • Projects
  • Documentary