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Roadtrip Mixtape

    • Enter in a start and end destination, Roadtrip Mixtape fills in local music for your drive.

    • Let your daily playlist take you on a musical journey (OK the only plays a sample for some songs, but at least gives you a taste of local music in different areas). If you like a song look them up on Grooveshark.

Neighborhood Scout

    • Learn about any neighborhood in the US

    • Real estate, school, crime, population and others

Eric Simmons

New Ulm Public Schools | Director of Instructional Technology

esimmons @

Instant Street View

  • Jump straight to Google Street View by address

Google Earth Gallery

    • SEARCH and see what you can find

    • GoogleEarthHacks: User uploaded Google Earth files

K-6 Virtual Class Trips


  • Find popular photo locations, anywhere in the world



Google Maps... of course

National Geographic MapMaker Interactive

  • Create and edit simple to complex maps that

  • Great resource when you need to print map

Google Map Maker

    • Improve the area around you (where possible) Share your adventures and stories through interactive maps, pictures, words.

CURRENT EVENTS Real-time map of Twitter Feeds around the world

Public Flickr Map: Geotagged public Flickr photos displayed on a map

Hubii: Online newspapers all over the globe and personal "Mapazine" of news


Map Tales Simplistic version of Tripline


Batchgeo Upload map data on spreadsheet, instant map

Hillmap Awesome side-by-side topographical maps and analysis

Social Explorer

    • Past and present Census data

    • Create and share data

North American Environmental Map

Minnesota DNR Data Deli

    • Public DNR data on a variety of topics to download use as you like.

MN Department of Transportation - GIM

    • Individual city and county maps. Updated annually

Historic Places in Minnesota

MN Historical Society Map Collection

John R. Borchert U of MN Map Library

    • U of MN library committed to Minnesota Geography, past and present

America Revealed PBS Short Stories on how America "works"


Digital Sanborn Maps

    • Sanborn Fire Insurance maps from 1867-1970

    • New Ulm's Temporary Access ended 1/5/2013..

    • Request your own free trial here under Maps > Digital Sanborn Maps