Maps to Create, Explore...and Learn | 11:30-12:15

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Maps story: Google Lit Trips, to RealWorldMath, to...



Google Maps... of course

National Geographic MapMaker Interactive

  • Create and edit simple to complex maps that

  • Great resource when you need to print map

Google Map Maker

    • Improve the area around you (where possible) Share your adventures and stories through interactive maps, pictures, words.

Eric Simmons

New Ulm Public Schools | Director of Technology

esimmons @


Mobile Device Mapping Tools


    • My Maps Editor Create interactive Google maps and map points, upload/attach pictures to map points, share to Google Maps through Google Account. Edit and share the maps both from My Maps Editor and Google Maps website.

Technical Tools that somehow involve maps I think could be useful to someone:

    • GMap Image Cutter: Turns any high resolution picture into a Google Map to embed in iBook or website. A way to retain resolution of a picture but greatly reduce download time to analyze very high resolution pictures in class. Only the part of the picture you zoom in on is downloaded at the full resolution - like a map!

    • Open Google Earth Files and other map data (.kml files) through the web with Google Maps: Directions Here

Instant Street View

  • Jump straight to Google Street View by address


Map Tales Simplistic version of Tripline


Roadtrip Mixtape

    • Enter in a start and end destination, Roadtrip Mixtape fills in local music for your drive.

    • Let your daily playlist take you on a musical journey (OK the only plays a sample for some songs, but at least gives you a taste of local music in different areas). If you like a song look them up on Grooveshark.

Google Earth Gallery

    • SEARCH and see what you can find

    • GoogleEarthHacks: User uploaded Google Earth files

Neighborhood Scout

    • Learn about any neighborhood in the US

    • Real estate, school, crime, population and others

Minnesota DNR Data Deli

    • Public DNR data on a variety of topics to download use as you like.

MN Department of Transportation - GIM

    • Individual city and county maps. Updated annually

Historic Places in Minnesota

MN Historical Society Map Collection

John R. Borchert U of MN Map Library

    • U of MN library committed to Minnesota Geography, past and present



  • Crowd sourced sound recordings attached a map to share sounds observed around the world.

  • Could be potential class project to build the sounds map?

IMBY (In My Backyard) Tool

  • estimates Solar energy potential of a building using Google Maps measure tool and estimated solar output of the area.

Think your commute is bad?


Digital Sanborn Maps

    • Sanborn Fire Insurance maps from 1867-1970

    • New Ulm's Temporary Access ended 1/5/2013..

    • Request your own free trial here under Maps > Digital Sanborn Maps

    • New Ulm 1894

CURRENT EVENTS Real-time map of Twitter Feeds around the world

Public Flickr Map: Geotagged public Flickr photos displayed on a map

Hubii: Online newspapers all over the globe and personal "Mapazine" of news


Batchgeo Upload map data on spreadsheet, instant map

Hillmap Awesome side-by-side topographical maps and analysis

Social Explorer

    • Past and present Census data

    • Create and share data

North American Environmental Map

America Revealed PBS Short Stories on how America "works"